Le Artist

Courtney Berry is an artist from the East Coast of Australia.

Growing up on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, surrounded by an abundance of beauty. With a love for natural curves and natures palette, her art speaks out in colours and the patterns in nature we surround ourselves in. There is beauty in everything.

After planning to hike all of 4,265 kms of the Pacific Crest Trail in 2020 and putting life back home on hold, 2020 becoming the year to embrace change and flow with the wind. Court was able to hike half of the PCT until being forced off trail due to the California Fires. Exploring the West Coast of America in a van, unintentionally spending over a year travelling around America taught her to adapt to change, less is more and that you don't need a lot to stay creative.

Court seeks to combine her long standing love of drawing and painting to create artworks for every space. “I paint and draw because I love the movement and freedom of lines. There are no mistakes in drawing.”.